Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surprise Indeed

My oh my, were we surprised with the news of a baby on the way.  This was not planned what-so-ever, trust me.  Our lives have done a complete reversal from where we were at.  I was in the middle of training for my second half ironman distance race.  Here in Oklahoma, the summer was brutally hot, and training was tough on the body.  I was 8 weeks out from race date (race was the weekend of September 24) and started to not feel the best.  My body was tired and my training was not performing at full potential.  I thought maybe my caloric intake was off as I was training 20 hours a week.  Also in my head was the possibility that my medication for my Addison's disease needed to be bumped up.  I made an appointment with my endocrinologist to determine why my body was not responding the way I had hoped only 8 weeks out.  I will admit, I was a little nervous heading into the doctor's office that day.  I never imagined what news I would be receiving. 

August 5, 2011 was Brad and Avery's (our now 11 year old) birthday.  Yes, she was born on his birthday!  I headed in to see my endo and he decided to run a full panel on me to determine what could be going on.  Of course this included a urine test, blood work, etc.  He came back in after a while and shocked me with the news.  He said, "Well, good news, you're not dying and everything will be fine in a few months."  I immediately knew what he meant and about fell off the examination table!  After I told Brad the news (he was elated with joy) we decided to give Avery a special birthday card.  It read, You're A Big Sister!  She was so excited, it was precious and she is going to be a great big sister. 

I saw my ob/gyn and it was determined I was already almost 9 weeks along!

Baby Brucker's first picture

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks.  I had a doctor appt. with my high risk doctor Tuesday and they were able to determine the sex of the baby.  We are having a gender reveal showdown, so they wrote it down and sealed it in an envelope for our baker.  More updates to come!

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