Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 17

Week 17 has brought on a whole new list of things I'd forgotten about that goes along with being pregnant.  (Remember it's been 11 years since I've done this.)  I am currently seeing 3 doctors for this pregnancy.  My ob/gyn, my endocrinologist and a high-risk doctor.  My ob/gyn recommended I see a high-risk doctor due to my Addison's Disease.  Love all 3 doctors.  I had an appointment with my high-risk doctor last week and it was determined that I/our baby has single umbilical artery.  Our baby only has 1 vein and 1 artery in the umbilical cord, and it should have 1 vein and 2 arteries.  My doctor was not concerned as all the risk factors that accompany this were not there.  The kidneys and heart look strong and no signs of weakness.  He said some chromosomal factors can be a part of this, but because I am so young, he believes it is not a factor as well.  The thing he is most concerned about is a low birth weight, but he will be monitoring me very closely and I will have an ultrasound every 4 weeks.  Whew!  I was concerned about this after we left his office, but a good friend of mine who is a labor and delivery nurse said I have nothing to worry about.  So I have let the worry subside, but please say an extra prayer for baby Brucker if it comes to mind.

The size 4 pants have been put away.  (Insert thunder sound here.)  I am so grateful I have made it just shy of 18 weeks and have not had to wear any maternity clothes.  Some of my size 6 pants still fit, but it won't be long until those are packed away too!  This weekend proved to be the turning point.  All my jeans still fit (thank you sweet baby Jesus) but in the evening I am very uncomfortable.  It is becoming harder to sleep through the night and I can no longer sleep on my stomach.  :(  I love my husband, every morning he says hello to our baby and gives my stomach a kiss.  Brad and Avery have both commented on how much more I am snacking throughout the day.  I love the Mexican food right now and cannot consume enough of it.  I had Mexican food 5 meals last week and chips and salsa for a snack yesterday afternoon.  This baby may come out speaking Spanish. 

Another ultrasound is scheduled for next week and I will have another one after we return from our vacation to Orlando. Looking forward to our last vacation as a family of 3!