Friday, November 25, 2011

Last Vaca as a Family of 3

Oh vacation was absoulutely wonderful.  Being off an entire week was definitely fun and hard to return to normal life.  We had planned this vacation back in May and of course I had no idea I would be pregnant.  This trip included many firsts.  Avery's first plane ride, big roller coaster, etc.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her expressions on this trip.

We when arrived in Orlando, we decided to rent a car and head up to Daytona Beach.  We walked on the beach, played soccer and were the perfect tourists!  We also ate dinner at a local dive that was referred by a friend.  The food was fresh and great!

After dinner we drove back to Orlando and found our hotel.  Avery had so much fun looking at all the memorabilia that the HRH had to offer.  She would ask us, who is Twisted Sister?  Brad and I would crack up laughing.

Our next day was filled with excitement as we heading to Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios.  We are HUGE Harry Potter dorks and proud of it.  This place was magical.  Literally.  When you curved the corner to head to Hogwarts it took your breath away.  So unreal. 

Every turn was something new to discover and Universal hit the nail on the head.  We spent our entire day in this section of the park.  We ate lunch at the Three Broom Sticks and Avery rode the Dragon's Challenge more times that I can count. I was so bummed I didn't get to ride one ride!

 Before - 1st "big" rollercoaster - she was so scared

After - all smiles!

We hit up Hard Rock Cafe for dinner the first night and much to our surprise the food was awesome.  Their nachos were a hit with me! 

Avery plays the ukelele and one of her favorite songs is Typical Situation by DMB.  She loves Dave!  When she spotted this picture of the Dave Matthews Band she made me get a picture!  :)

Since we stayed on Universal property we had free water taxis to and from our hotel.  The ride was enjoyable and only 5 minutes long. 

Avery on the water taxi

On our second day, we hit all the other attractions at Islands of Adventure.  We had so much fun, but this day I was a little more tired.  (Glad I packed my Toms!)  We went back to the hotel around 3pm and lounged at the pool and took a much needed nap.  We went back to the park later in the evening because Avery was dying to ride the Incredible Hulk for the 7th time.  So we did and then grabbed dinner.  What a fun time for our family of 3, soon to be 4!


What a goof!

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