Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's been a while...

Christmas flew by and it seems that time is flying by even faster for Bode's arrival.  I saw my prenatal high-risk doctor this past Monday and Bode is measuring ahead of schedule.  Figures!  Brad and I wanted to get through the holiday season before starting to work on his room, big mistake!  We ordered all his furniture on January 7th thinking that would be plenty of time for delivery and set up, WRONG!  While the chair and ottoman I ordered should be here this weekend it looks like the crib and dresser have a few more weeks.  A bassinet purchase may be in our future.  :)  From what my prenatal doctor said he is now 34 weeks, not 33.  That means tomorrow I will be 35 weeks!  Here are a few prego pics!

We bought an antique football jersey for his room, seemed like a good time for a pic since I was 33 weeks!

Below are a few before and middle stage pictures of his room.  I wanted to paint his room, but there is a vaulted ceiling and if you don't paint the entire room, ceiling included, it looks funny.  (We discovered this with the painting of Avery's room.)  I decided that since his bedding will match the khaki to just paint a rugby stripe around the room.  I think it turned out perfect and Brad was happy that was all he had to paint!

Taping off for the rugby stripe

Painting complete, curtains ironed and hung and rug down :)

I have an appt. with my OB today so we will see if he will set Bode's birthday date!  Next week I will start having 2 non-stress tests a week, yuk!  Not looking forward to that, but my doctors are requiring it because of my Addison's Disease.  My high risk doc wants me to be under no stress what-so-ever.  Sure like that's gonna happen with a full time job and full time family! Here's to hoping my next blog post will be about a scheduled birth date!  :)


  1. Congratulations, Britney! So fun to see pics of you and your beautiful little girl. They do grow up so fast! Heidi is 26 and Tiffany will be 21 in March. I remember when you and Jared used to play with Heidi when she was really young.