Friday, December 30, 2011

The Name Game

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a name!  I was starting to stress that this baby boy would be known as "the one who shall not be named" for awhile, seriously.  Brad and I had a very hard time choosing a name.  We had very strong requirements and it was difficult finding all these characteristics for 1 name:
1.) German origin (Brad and I have a lot of German heritage)
2.) Good meaning
3.) Name that has a nickname
4.) Strong name when he becomes a man
5.) A name we BOTH agree on!  :)

When we chose Avery, it was the only name Brad and I agreed on.  For some reason I think it is easier to name a girl.  We had already chosen a name for this new Brucker if he had been a she.  This time around, we agreed on several boy names that we liked at first, then the list dwendled away.  Finally the only name that fit into place was picked!  Then came the spelling debate.  Good Lord, I was ready to name this boy!  We had a 4 week discussion over how to spell this name, what was most masculine, etc.  If you want the whole story of what and why we debated, email or call me,  it's too much to explain in detail on my blog!

And the winner is....


Bode: pronounced "Boh-dee"
Ray: my dad's middle name.
Meaning: Messenger
Nickname: Bo

We are so excited to share the news with our family and friends.  I am excited I can now start ordering monogrammed items.  :)  Hope you all love it as much as we do and if you don't, we don't care!  Ha!

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  1. Love it! I know all of you are getting so excited! Let's schedule lunch... Weds & Fris are best. What's your schedule?