Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy February!

February is shaping up to be one busy month! We have been crazy with lots of things going on, not to mention a little boy arriving soon!

Avery had her school talent show and did an amazing job playing ukulele and singing! We are so proud of her. Brad and I cannot believe what musical talent God has given her. She has really found her niche! 

We surprised her with flowers. :)

Here is her performance

Both of my showers were the second weekend in February, and of course, prego brain set in and I forgot my camera!  Brad took a few pics with his iPhone, but I have not had him send all of them my way. We have great friends and family and received great items that were definitely needed!

Of course the night before Valentine's Day, Avery reminds me that she needs to make a mailbox for her cards. I was in the middle of making teacher gifts when she reminded me. Avery and I had a lot of fun designing and decorating her mailbox.  What a fun memory we made!

And of course, she won the contest for best mailbox!

The teacher gifts we made turned out great!  I got the idea from another blogger I follow and she gets all the credit:
Super cute and very easy to make! I was one tired momma after staying up until after 11pm getting everything finished.

The morning of Vday, Brad surprised me with my favorite flowers (roses and daisies) and a really funny card. He had been asking me what I was wanted but I told him to save it for my push gift.  ;)

I got Brad tickets to the Thunder game for Valentine's Day evening, courtesy of my awesome work! We had amazing seats and I figured since this was the last time we'd be attending a game for a while, why not!?! We had a blast! We grabbed a hot dog, coke (he didn't even drink one beer since I couldn't) and peanuts. What's a sporting event without peanuts!

 Bode's first Thunder game! (36 1/2 weeks!)

Can you spot us?  We are just to the right of KD's shorts!

Hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day!  Remember to tell the ones you love how much you love them, not only on this special day, but every day!

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