Friday, February 3, 2012

Married with Children

You all know the theme song from "Married with Children," right? Well it has been stuck in my head today as I head to shop for a new wedding ring that I do not want. Doesn't make sense, does it? So last year for our 11th wedding anniversary my husband purchased me a big new shiny diamond ring. The ring was gorgeous and I loved it! Since the ring was a solitaire, I had convinced Brad to purchase a wrap for my "push" gift. :)  (The store where he purchased this shall remain unnamed for now.) Around the beginning of Novemeber I was inspecting my ring and realized that a huge hunk of diamond was missing from under one of the prongs. I was devastated, but knew the jeweler would honor that the ring was only 9 months old and replace the diamond. They did honor their guaranty and I waited patiently over 2 months to receive my ring from them. Brad and I went to pick it up and the quality of the diamond was nowhere close to the quality we had previously purchased. I was enraged, and you don't do that to a 8 month pregnant lady. The manager said she could keep looking for a diamond, but the manufacturer was no longer producing the ring and this was the last one in the company. WHA....!?! Our options were to 1.) pay more for a diamond that fit my band (not gonna happen); 2.) pick out a new ring; or 3.) wait to see if the company could locate a diamond. Brad tried to calm me down as I balled as we left the store. I was devastated b/c I don't want another ring, I want MY ring! I'm going to have our child in 3-4 weeks without a wedding ring! Oh yeah, and is Brad now going to get out of the "push" gift!?! All this played over in my mind. We decided our best option was to wait to see if they could locate another diamond. Well... I received a call this week from the manager and there are no more diamonds my size, shape, color, etc. in the company and they will not be able to get one. So now my only option is to pick out a new ring. SUCK! I am going to head to the store today to see if I can find something that is same value, etc.  Please wish me luck!  Oh and say a little prayer too that I don't leave the store crying, my emotions are on overload!!!

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