Sunday, December 4, 2011

ROAK Day 2: Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

December 2, 2011
Friday evening our family decided to hit up Barnes & Noble to participate in our second day of our random acts of kindness.  Our family loves to read, so this ROAK was a no brainer.  It was so much fun sneaking around B&N trying to stay out of vision of others as to not give away our secret.  We grabbed 2 best sellers and headed to the back of the store.  We decided to go with Steve Jobs' book 

and A Diary of Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever.   We purchased gift cards and wrote a personalized note on a Charlie Brown Happiness Is... notepad.  We wrote, Happiness is...finding a gift card in a new book!  Merry Christmas!  Avery had fun picking out which book she wanted to put a gc in.  We set the books back on the best sellers shelf and headed out the door...

Terrible picture, we both look tired!

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