Sunday, December 4, 2011

ROAK Day 3: Balloon delivery at Children's Hospital

December 3, 2011
On Saturday, we headed to Party Bazaar and picked up a few cheery balloons for sick kids at Children's Hospital.
As we made our way through CH with no idea where to go, we bumped into a very nice gentleman who lead us to a department where we could leave our balloons.

He took us through the ER and Avery had a sadness overcome her spirit.  We discussed how blessed we were that we have never had to spend time in a hospital with her.  I was overwhelmed with joy as we left the balloons with a very nice receptionist.

I really hope that the children that received these balloons had a little bit of happiness brought to their day.  We loved doing this as a family.  We plan on going back closer to Christmas and visiting the children with cancer.

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